10 Ways to Boost toddlers' creativity in daycare

Posted: September 16, 2022
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" Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"

These famous words by Picasso give an insight that every child is unique and born with creativity innately. Creativity helps children to see problems from a new perspective and provide out-of-the-box solutions for them. Stimulating and nurturing this innate creativity is very important in kids.

Engaging in creative activities right from when the child is in daycare gives a positive start towards nurturing creativity, problem-solving, and thinking out of the box.

Here are some ways in which one can boost a toddler's creativity in daycare :

Set them free:

Creativity often gets stifled in a controlled environment or under excessive discipline. Daycare providers should set the children free and allow them to explore the surroundings on their own. It can be anything from a new toy,  a new book, their play area or garden, or new colorful food. The more children experiment with new things, they get experience and stimulate their creativity.

Allow them to be Creative:

Giving a creative atmosphere is important to nurture creativity in young minds. Young children are very inquisitive and discouraging them from asking questions harms their creative prowess in the long term. Daycare providers must provide an ample number of books, toys, blocks, clay, and drawing materials. This helps children to engage in creative activities and realize their actual potential.

Include the Offbeat:

No idea is a bad idea. Whenever a child gives an offbeat solution to a problem, instead of dismissing it totally, daycare providers should help the kid weigh the pros and cons of the solution. The kids should be made aware of why their idea will work or not work. Allowing children to make mistakes, develops self-confidence and a penchant to learn from their mistakes and move on.

Provide them with open-ended toys

Toddlers' creativity in daycare is further polished by providing them with open-ended toys. These toys don't have a single use but can be used in a variety of ways. Blocks for example may be used in various combinations to build anything which interests the child. Animal figures could be used for storytelling etc.

Make-Believe Play

Encouraging toddlers to play make-believe goes a long way in developing creative skills and their imagination power. While playing make-believe, toddlers come up with different creative stories and give a twist to them from their imagination. These creative activities encourage them to explore new conditions and derive new possibilities.

Indulging in Creative Games

Play schools can include a lot of creative activities or games for the children. Some of them are children forming groups and making a train. Some children can become the compartments while some could mimic the engine horn. Children can also indulge in storytelling where one of them starts a story and then each of them adds a new twist to it.

With each activity, the brains are stimulated and kid's hunger to know more through creative plays is achieved

Allow playing with Colors

When kids are introduced to colors and art in play schools  they imagine a colorful picture in their minds and put it on paper. Kids while drawing are introduced to different varieties of shades and colors. Once they know the different variety of colors available they can create different combinations while coloring and producing masterpieces. They may mix and match colors to make the picture more appealing. While coloring kids tend to make a mess but it's okay play schools should just let their creative juices flow.

Stress on Physical Activities

While helping children to indulge in a variety of creative activities, playschools should also give stress on physical activity of the children. If the kids are not physically active they may become bored and lethargic and refuse to participate in activities. Active children tend to be more involved in the creative activities at school and also add inputs from their side to make these activities more fruitful and interesting.

Reduce Screen Time

Children have this penchant for watching cartoons on screen. They can spend hours doing so without any need to process that information. Spending too much time doing nothing makes the brain idle and gets in the way of stimulating creativity. Daycares should try to find a balance between the consumption of information and the creation of new concepts by the children.

Screen time can be utilized by the play schools for some educational activities or meaningful stories. Kids can derive important lessons and process the stories and form new ideas via meaningful screen time.

Develop a Hobby

Kids should be exposed to all forms of art, dance music, drawing, etc to know their interests. Play Schools should find out which creative activities the child is interested in the most and not force them to learn a particular activity. Learning and taking part in extracurricular activities makes the children more involved in the learning process and creatively excel in the extracurricular activities.

In conclusion, toddler creativity in the daycares depends mostly on the activities undertaken. These activities should be informative and creative to have an overall development of the child. The toddlers should be in a carefree creative environment to let their creative juices flow and create masterpieces in the process.

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