Programme- After School

4 to 12 years

Programme Details

The after school programme is dedicated to the children who come in post school and is crafted around their routine, so as to be the large welcoming home they look forward to returning to. The atmosphere is calm for them to unwind, talk about the day and enjoy their space. We allow them to be, to create their own agenda, relax with a book or engage with their friends, get busy with a habba, with an activity of their choice or complete their homework. The programmes offered at this stage are Harmony, Perfection, Truth and Aspiration and all are created with sociological and emotional depth as required for the new age child.

Harmony Perfection Truth Aspiration After school daycare allows children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences .From Home work help to fun physical activities, our daycare program is designed so that every one goes home happy. Our areas of focus give our child endless oppurtunities to learn and grow.

Our areas of focus give our child endless oppurtunities to learn and grow.

Our daily routines for the day include:-
- Warm and nutritious food
- Nap times
- Play activities-block Room/outdoors/board games
- Music and singing
- Once a week age appropriate movie viewing in the auditorium
- Cultural activities
- Celebrations of festivals
- Reaching out to meaningful Habba activities
- Art and craft
- Clay and pottery
- Access to books and reading times.
- Vertical grouping
- Providing opportunities to practice active listening,negotiation, compromise and leadership through interactive sessions with peers and mentor mums.

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Other Programmes

Our play school is an attempt to create a distinctive vision for what we believe play schools must be in the new world.

With traditional structures like joint families being sociologically reconfigured and the advent of nuclear homes where both parents are working, a day care becomes an important extension of your daily life.

Ipsaa also offers nursery and kindergarten programme where in we ensure a safe and caring learning environment.