As a progressive employer, you are constantly
striving to improve job satisfaction amongst your
workers. But every year, corporates lose their key
staff to parenting and child care.

Many people ignore the fact that a happy and loyal
workforce is the key to productivity because:

• Talent retention is better than acquisition
• Trained talent and experience is a cost that can’t be really calculated
• Stable organisations have strong linkages to performance and profitability

As per PwC's new report, 78% of large organisations are actively trying to recruit
more women. The government is also supporting and encouraging working women to follow their dreams. Lok Sabha's new bill on Maternity Benefit Amendment now requires every establishment with 50 or more employees to provide creche facilities within a prescribed distance. Today, when families are disintegrating and women are becoming career conscious, day care facility is the only option women are left with. They need a secure and loving space where they can leave their children while they are at work.

Here’s where we come in. Our day care is fully equipped to take care of the
children from ages 4 months to 12 years in a safe and secure environment, with age-appropriate curriculum. We, therefore, enable employees to get to work and leave their worries of the well-being of their children to us.

In that aspect, we empower your employees to get to work everyday. So entrust
us with the child care needs of your workforce. And then relax. We got it covered.