Programme- Full Day Care

4 months to 2 years

Programme Details

- Sensorial activities are of utmost importance along with physical development.
- Developing senses through different activities and textural books.

With traditional structures like joint families being sociologically reconfigured and the advent of nuclear homes where both parents are working, a day care becomes an important extension of your daily life. It is a repository of trust and harmony, where you leave your children safe in the knowledge that they will be loved and looked after.

We realise that a child may be single with her or his own needs or as a part of a family with siblings may have inhibitions, so we run our day care like a large family home, grouping children vertically or laterally, to allow across-age group and sibling-like bondings. Growing up in this environment, they learn the importance of relationships, sharing, empathy and co-habitation, which we all know are vital life skills.

The programmes we offer at the stage are Beauty and Joy.

Beauty - Beauty Curriculum is designed keeping each child’s individuality in mind + whetting all five windows of learning. The little ones participate in sensory based learning experiences while receiving positive care ,nurturance all the time laced with love and patience.

Their curriculum includes:-
- Sensory
- Visual
- Auditory
- Gustatory
- Kinesthetic inputs.

Daily schedule includes routines as follows:-
- Bonding with love and gentle touch to soothe and calm on arrival at day care
- Meals
- Diaper changing
- Nap/free movement
- Play time
- Browsing through Touch and feel picture books
- Vertical grouping with toddlers
- Sensory activities.
- Outdoors if weather permits

Joy - The Framework for joy curriculum presents strategies and information to enrich learning and development oppurtunities and provides a structure that mentor’s and supporting staff can use to make informed decisions as they plan learning environments and experiences for their youngest children.

The framework is based on current research on how infants and toddlers learn and develop in each of the 4 domains:-
- Perceptual and motor development
- Cognitive
- Language
- Social-emotional

Daily schedule includes:-
- Arrival and settling
- Meal times
- Calming with prayers and meditation
- Language development through rhymes songs
- Circle time
- Story time
- Picture book reading
- Exploring the enironment
- Participating in planned activities
- Free play
- Music and movement
- Nap time

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Other Programmes

Our play school is an attempt to create a distinctive vision for what we believe play schools must be in the new world.

The after school programme is dedicated to the children who come in post school and is crafted around their routine, so as to be the large welcoming home they look forward to returning to.

Ipsaa also offers nursery and kindergarten programme where in we ensure a safe and caring learning environment.