Programme- Play School(Pre School)

2 to 4 years

Programme Details

Our play school is an attempt to create a distinctive vision for what we believe play schools must be in the new world. The programme we lay out for the ipsaa play school is age-appropriate for developmental milestones with emphasis on cognitive, physical, emotional, and psychological development of the child. We make the business of learning fun, but we also take our fun seriously. In our lounges you can hear a lot of laughter, uninhibited storytelling and endless chatter. The programmes we offer at this stage are Purity, Bliss and Sincerity.
- Purity Bliss Sincerity

The early childhood program at ipsaa provides children with learning oppurtunities that address a wide variety of developmental domains to support the needs of the child as a whole.

Our areas of focus give our child endless oppurtunities to learn and grow.

The main guidelines of the curriculum at ipsaa includes skills or competencies in five major areas :-
- Language
- Cognitive
- Scientific understanding
- Social emotional and cultural development
- Physical development

The child who is two years old is introduced to the thematic integrated curriculum .The daily learning schedule has the various thematic topics woven in a prepared plan by the mentors.Time tables are set for various activities and accordingly the children are engaged. The level keeps increasing with age group and also at times with individual needs.

Daily Schedule includes :-
- Routine building
- Working on complete work cycles
- Reading picture books
- Outdoors
- Music and movement
- Structured and un structured play.
- Planned activities-colouring painting clay craft puzzles

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Other Programmes

The after school programme is dedicated to the children who come in post school and is crafted around their routine, so as to be the large welcoming home they look forward to returning to.

With traditional structures like joint families being sociologically reconfigured and the advent of nuclear homes where both parents are working, a day care becomes an important extension of your daily life.

Ipsaa also offers nursery and kindergarten programme where in we ensure a safe and caring learning environment.