Day Care Centre Ipsaa

“ipsaa is a place where we not only help children
grow by holding their hands, but also by encouraging
them to walk and eventually fly on their own.”


4 months to 2 years

With traditional structures like joint families being sociologically reconfigured and the advent of nuclear homes where both parents are working, a day care becomes an important extension of your daily life. It is a repository of trust and harmony, where you leave your children safe in the knowledge that they will be loved and looked after.

We realise that a child may be single with her or his own needs or as a part of a family with siblings may have inhibitions, so we run our day care like a large family home, grouping children vertically or laterally, to allow across-age group and sibling-like bondings. Growing up in this environment, they learn the importance of relationships, sharing, empathy and co-habitation, which we all know are vital life skills. The programmes we offer at the stage are Beauty and Joy.


Full Day Care Ipsaa

Sensorial activities are of utmost importance
along with physical development

Developing senses through different
activities and textural books

Play School India

Build curiosity

Build an emotional base

Develop independence
and responsibility


Play School in India


2 to 4 years

Our play school is an attempt to create a distinctive vision for what we believe play schools must be in the new world. The programme we lay out for the ipsaa play school is age-appropriate for developmental milestones with emphasis on cognitive, physical, emotional, and psychological development of the child. We make the business of learning fun, but we also take our fun seriously. In our lounges you can hear a lot of laughter, uninhibited storytelling and endless chatter. The programmes we offer at this stage are Purity, Bliss and Sincerity.


After School Day Care CentreAfter School Day Care


4 to 12 years

The after school programme is dedicated to the children who come in post school and is crafted around their routine, so as to be the large welcoming home they look forward to returning to. The atmosphere is calm for them to unwind, talk about the day and enjoy their space. We allow them to be, to create their own agenda, relax with a book or engage with their friends, get busy with a habba, with an activity of their choice or complete their homework. The programmes offered at this stage are Harmony, Perfection, Truth and Aspiration and all are created with sociological and emotional depth as required for the new age child.

After School Day care Gurgaon

Introduce them to good books

Outdoor sports and games



Our activity centres are called Habbas or the Hobby classes, originally derived from folklore of a 'magic pot of children’s wishes'. In these habbas, we design, create, engage and build life long skills in an exciting and creative way. Habbas also give direction to children, aspiration and encourage learning and sharing. Our habbas are run by the best-in-class professionals, reputed by not only their craft and skill, but also their ability to work with children.


Bharatanatyam- Ipsaa Day Care


Puppetry- Ipsaa Day Care

Pottery- Ipsaa Day Care



Art- Ipsaa Day Care

Music- Ipsaa Day Care


Science and Robotics

Science & Robotics- Ipsaa Day Care

Sports- Ipsaa Day Care



Age-appropriate material for playing, relaxing, creating and just being

A settling room with comfortable floor seating and access to the outdoor area

An infant room with trained nurses and helpers for children aged six months to one year

The toddler lounge - open and relaxed space with age-appropriate interactive materials

The lounges - replicating a living room or common room setting

Two comfortable, calm and inspirational resting spaces for children aged 5 years to 12 years

Extremely hygienic and modern bathing rooms for children

Warm and inviting cafeteria providing high-nutrition meals designed by nutritionists

CCTV in each room that is constantly monitored