Ipsaa Day Care For Corporates

This is a fantastic day care school. Children are carefully supervised and are always having fun. I would recommend this school to anyone
who wants a fun, caring and an educational experience for their child. They are great with communication and are very well organised with safe environment at school. Teachers here are very attentive and caring.

Parent of Kapil Munjal

The place is awesome for children and they learn in a playful environment with fun and joy. Teachers here are very friendly and knowledgeable to teach children and provide them quality knowledge. Keep up the good work.

Parent of Mohit

We are very happy to send Arshia
to ipsaa. She enjoys a lot with her friends here and it is like a second home for her. She is taken care very well and is happy to be @ ipsaa.

Parent of Arshia Mago

Dear ipsaa team, now that we start a new chapter, we are thankful to ipsaa for creating a sound foundation for Vivan. ipsaa was a place we instinctively trusted and knew that our precious one year old will be in good hands. We were right and how! You have helped us bring up Vivan with much love, warmth and care. ipsaa shall always be a second home for him. A special thanks to Vivan’s teachers (Arti, Gayatri, Puja, Surbhi, Madhvi, Sunita) who have selflessly cared for and mentored Vivan. ipsaa will be greatly missed.

Parent of Vivan

ipsaa is like a home. When I first visited ipsaa, I was very apprehensive leaving my child in day care but now I can say that this is the best place for him to be. What I like the most is value driven care for children, no television and keeping them positively engaged. Each evening when I pick up Manit, his happy face tells me that I don’t need to worry. Thanks ipsaa!

Parent of Manit Talwar

Achintya loves coming to ipsaa. He asks me to drop him to day care even on Saturday. He tells about his activities at ipsaa very fondly. I appreciate the activities that are going on for children. Each and everyone at ipsaa are all open to feedback and takes very good care of children.

Parent of Achintya Bhargava

Would like to share an incident of around two weeks back when Viaan had loose stools at the daycare. We were informed immediately and updated almost every hour by Bandana who was very concerned (until we reached to pick him up) Even when I was there to pick him up, Praveen gave me diapers and water etc.as I was going directly to the Doctor and didn't think of any of the requirements at that time, maybe because of the anxiety.

We would like to thank the teachers for this concern and care and it reassures us, as parents that our child is in good hands. Not to forget, when Viaan went to daycare the next day, he hugged a member of the support staff(not aware of the name) as soon as he reached in the morning.

Hope to share more such stories in the times to come.

Geetanjali and Aditya

'ईप्सा'- अभीप्सा ( Aspiration)

घर-बाहर दोनों का
क्षमता से कार्य -वहन ।
बच्चों का पालन हो
अपराध-बोध के बिन।।

यही चाहती हर मां
इतनी उसकी ईप्सा ।
'शिवकंचन'-सपने का
रूपांतर यह 'ईप्सा' ।।

मां हो गर्वनिर्भरा
बच्चे स्वस्थ प्रसन्न ।
लक्ष्य यही 'ईप्सा' का
उपक्रम शुभ संपन्न ।।

मां-बच्चों के सपने
शुभ हों सुंदरतम हों।
'ईप्सा' के केंद्र नवल
शुभ हों मंगलमय हों।।

Written by Dr.Pravesh Saxena – Grand Parent of Rian Saxena