Meal/Nutrition: Meal Ideas for Busy Parents

The clock must be busy with its regular threats on a Monday morning with its constant reminders of deadlines and the tasks ahead when this letter might have knocked on your door. We know you simply don’t have the time to leisurely spare a few minutes to indulge in our whims for you do have a lot on your mind. As you prepare to conquer the day, you are simultaneously wondering about the nutrition and hunger of your child. Time v/s healthy food – the battle is always a tough one. We understand that one can never compromise upon the quality, nutrition and timely availability of flavorsome food – as a parent it is your top most priority. So we have taken the liberty to put together a list of five quick solutions to appease your child’s appetite.

These are three meal ideas to quickly fix a healthy and appetizing meal for your child.

1. A juicy mini burgers

A mashed potato batter always comes handy to fulfill those last minute hunger pangs, a mold so comfortable to fit into a parantha, a sandwich, a wrap, a toast or a burger. The last one is the easiest, juiciest and most satisfying to those taste buds.

All you need is a boiled potato, peeled and mashed and a couple of your trusted Indian spices. Let’s bring salt, red chili, coriander and any other spice you prefer and with the help of a little oil/ butter or clarified butter, roll the batter into a disc. Let this disc-shaped batter get a little crispy over a flame. Once it is slightly hardened and toasted, apply it between two buns or bread pieces, layered with ketchup and mayonnaise and add your fresh chopped veggies such as tomato, lettuce, and onions. And tada! You’re ready to eat, quick and healthy snack is all set. Your child can enjoy a day without any worry and you too can sit back, carefree for having one thing off your mind. Of course, we wish we could have ready to cook solutions for your workload as well that might be for another letter.

2. Guacamole toast

A child, growing up needs all the ingredients that make up a strong and healthy body and mind. As a working parent, you might worry a bit more about these necessary requirements of a child. A good, ready to make Guacamole toast comes to our rescue here. A ten-minute long process, this wonderful creation provides many healthy nutrients such as potassium and fibre.

All it requires is mashed avocado pulp, mixed together with kosher salt and limejuice. Highly flavoursome, it includes tomato, jalapeno, garlic and onion carefully folded into the batter. That’ is about it. Once stirred, spread it over a toast and sprinkle some cilantro. And there you go, a fresh and ready to go avocado toast for your child grumpy and rumbling tummy.

3. Strawberry smoothie

The word goes that health is wealth. And when it comes to parents, a child’s health is their biggest wealth. Well, summer is here and it is roaring and flexing all its muscles. It is getting hotter day by day. A quick, refreshing fix to battle the summer rues, is to quickly whisk a strawberry smoothie that is healthy, tasty and refreshing.

All you need are freshly chopped strawberries and a cup of yogurt. Churn them together and add some ice and sugar. That is about it, pour a glass of joy for your child and be content. Your child just had a healthy – almost equivalent to a meal – smoothie. The best part is, there is a large room for experiments. Try different, seasonal fruits. What a healthy and fresh start to the day. Isn’t it?

Well, that is all from us for this letter. Hope we could take away a little bit of your worry and frowns. You have a lot on your plate, from work to the world. You are a boss in each realm and we wouldn’t you slow down your ability to change the world. So we thought, why not take care of your child’s plate.

Hope we helped.

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