Children moving away physically is not as painful as they move away mentally from you. Though you accept it as the process of nature it still bleeds your heart. Monetary help doesn’t fulfill the emotional need.

Unfortunately, nature has a strange way of making people more sensitive in demanding as they grow old. The very same playful words become more hurting. The need for inclusiveness, possessiveness all grow strong with age. Expectation from others for your children becomes more, so liberate, release and set free while your child is at ease to enhance their learning as they grow.

The maturity in growing old is to overcome all these. Become detached with your own emotions without getting detached from your children. Understand their growing pressures at home & also when you leave them in school. Do not compare with your time as they have gone past by.

In fact, today’s children learn to be more responsible & more adaptable. They want to make their parents happy & comfortable with the things they learn and be receptive at all times in spite of them spending more time in school growing up with people busy social interacting and building their skills.

As parents do not overload their worries by watching them all the time. Be adaptive & adjustable to the changing times. Reduce your interference and let go off their hands so they can absorb the outside world. Appreciate the quality time you get with them. Be grateful for being a part in your children’s growing up years. Unless self-sufficient, learn to control your desires. Don’t put a price for your parenting. It was your duty as a parent done without expectations. The people you chose to be responsible for your child are doing their duty for them to be receptive. Love & respect cannot be implemented. It should grow naturally so let go off their hands and unleash your thoughts when you leave them behind so they can come back with bouquet of things they want to do with involving you.

Always remember whatever the relation be, wherever your children are, if they are happy, you are happy too!!! Your mental peace lies in knowing your children are safe within happy atmosphere & having a good time.

In short, be open, less intrusive, more adaptive, value others who are being you in your absence and be a part & enjoy the time you are with them, never advise, compare or complain. Be kind & helpful. Be practical with the changing times.

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