To Nurture Is To Touch Lives Forever

Children sure can be a handful! Yet they bring us joy along with an overwhelming sense of responsibility for their welfare. So along with the joy of caring for a young one, there comes the joy of letting them go while you are away at work (at least for the day)!

Parenting is having its own challenges and transitioning to child care is often hard for parents and little ones alike. But it’s all worth it when you finally see your toddler starting to learn, explore and thrive in their new environment.

The dreaded drops-off’s at Daycare…

Don’t prolong goodbyes! As hard as it is to leave your little one, a drawn-out goodbye makes it far worse for EVERYONE! On a positive note, the mere existence of separation anxiety means that your child has reached another milestone. It means your child now understands that you still exist even when you are not in sight! Separation anxiety is a normal part of development. Parents need to be calm and realize that it will pass.

The next developmental milestone is the formation of a reciprocal relationship. The rapid brain and language development that occurs between 18 months to 2 years. The socializing in a new environment is vital for a child to develop a personality and individual unbiased opinions about their surroundings. We live in a social world and the quicker our children learn to communicate with others — verbally and non-verbally — the faster they will learn to adapt.

No matter who we are Parent or Teacher or perhaps someone who would love to be around the children 2 Teach what they want to feel, to learn, to experience and this is how we learn 2 Touch their lives which memorizes and stays forever.

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