Reopening of day-care center post-pandemic

Reopening of day-care center post-pandemic
Like everyone else, most of us are still thinking about what reopening of day-care centers in a pandemic will even look like.
What can we expect, or make ourselves ready for?
How it’s going to feel to have our children coming back?
How does a two-year-old even act in accordance with social distancing?
All these questions seem like floating at bay which doesn’t have any concrete answers.
The main focus of reopening day-care centers is to stay well prepared. Here at ipsaa, we have not only finished our back-end work but also have a well-structured guide on how to reopen our day care as safely as possible.


Preventive measures:
1) Screening:-
– Regular thermal screening of staff, children, and parents.

2) Sanitizing:-
– Periodically disinfect surfaces and toys.
– Regular hand washing.

3) Vaccinated staff and mentors.
Following all these procedures, we ensure the safety of our children.
Along with these three preventive measures, we have also put up some essential protocols for parents to follow that include a set pick-up and drop time, no entry for anyone other than children and staff in our playschool, and only one parent assisting the child.
After all, learning takes place in an abode that ensures safety and fun. Our children are our priority: these above-mentioned guidelines will help them to restart the Journey of Joy.

How did we get accustomed to the new normal:-
We are delighted to welcome the return of our children with the reopening of more centers in different regions. Even if it wasn’t easy for our children at first, after such a long time they have finally settled in at home. We have improvised our academic curriculum with the post-lockdown in mind. We let our children learn social skills, emotional and cognitive behavior and phonetics through various fun activities.

Fun activities at ipsaa
1) Welcoming Activities: – To greet the student in the morning we play different morning rhymes or music and also indulge them in various activities like finger puppets, colouring the sheets, etc.

2) Physical Activities: – We involve our children in various physical activities such as playing different games and practicing Yoga. This not only helps them in getting involved in a healthy lifestyle but also focuses on gross and fine motor development. It encourages our students to improve their stamina and strengthen their immunity.
3) Art and Craft: – Art allows children to enhance their creativity, which is essential throughout their life. Involving the children in art and craft let them express and cope with their feeling. It also helps in developing the mental growth of our children by providing opportunities to be innovative, and new ways of thinking. Some of our creative activities focus on drawing sceneries and pottery making, etc.

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