First day of playschool: Building confidence and social skills

The first day of play school is overwhelming for not only children but parents as well. When a child starts their schooling journey, they are approaching a major milestone with conflicting and mixed emotions. Of course, initially, children are unaware of where they are going, what it’ll be like, and what kindergarten is.

Parents are probably excited about the fun their child will have and the new friends they’ll make. At the same time, some of you will also feel sad that your baby is venturing out into this big world alone. Such emotions are evident and normal; in fact, your child will also be bound with a host of feelings with this transition. But it’s never too early to help your children build a foundation for successful and enjoyable kindergarten life.

A confident student will find it easier to make new friends, participate and engage more, and always be ready to ask for help without trouble. In the case of other children, there’s a lot you can do to get them ready for their big day. But keep in mind to make your efforts interesting and low-key. If you make it a big deal, your child might be more worried than excited. Here is a list of simple and practical things every parent can start doing now to help their child build up confidence for a daunting transition and enhance their social skills.

Enforcing Independence

Children feel good and valuable when they start helping with their tiny little hands in daily chores. Instead of stopping them, allow them to make a mess in the kitchen. This is one of the most simplistic and effective ways to boost their confidence and other cognitive skills. Today, children observe others, especially their parents, and enumerate likewise. Yes, the upcoming generation will be more advanced, but polishing their skills is our job. Therefore, encouraging your child to pick up their toys, eat alone, and help out at home is a great way to enhance their skills. Also, it is an added benefit to a healthy lifestyle where your child will feel more confident, as what they learn at home is what they follow in the outer world.


Encouraging Positive Self-talk

As your children approach an age where they learn few things and understand the importance of kindergarten, they start to compare themselves with other children. They are self-encouraged, which can be further augmented with positive self-talk. Always remember that parents are role models in their children’s lives, and most importantly, only parents can redirect their children’s minds from negative self-talk. Instead of boosting your child toward success or gaining a particular grade, please focus on the efforts they are putting in. Appreciating and rewarding them can be a real deal-breaker in enhancing their self-confidence. Again, a child’s intellectual and overall growth begins at home with their parents, and self-confidence plays a major role.


Upskilling Practical Skills

A child’s confidence can be destroyed in seconds if they realize that they can’t perform even a simple task, whereas their peers easily complete it. Watching your peers perform well can create self-doubt in your child. To prevent such situations, there are lots of fun and play-based ways which can help teach practical skills needed in kindergarten.

For instance, threading bread is a fun technique to develop the fine motor skills of your child (tying shoelaces). Dressing a teddy or doll can help children how to put their clothes on, particularly the buttons, zips, and all. Also, there are different kinds of games such as ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ that enhance the abilities of a child to listen and take turns.


Train with Lots of Practice

The best way to make your child learn how to make new friends, engage in the classroom, participate, and be vocal about their feelings is through practice! Take them out in the playground, and involve them in a playgroup or a group activity such as swimming lessons. These activities within the group will allow them to meet other children and learn from them.

There are different types of children. Some are natural social butterflies, while others are reserved and prefer to observe things from afar. Do not force or push a child, be patient and respect your child’s personal space. Let them be comfortable and always remember that being confident is not like being extroverted. One can never join a playground, but they will be confident enough to secure themselves and the friendships they form.



As the first day of kindergarten is getting closer, having mindful conversations about ‘school life’ will help your child mentally prepare. Talk to them about what happens differently at kindergarten than from home, compare what they will be doing at school to what they have been doing at home as well and talk about fun activities they will be doing to learn new skills, new friends they will make and be playing with them, etc. All such conversations bring positivity and excitement to your child. Remember, if you are enthusiastic in your conversation, they will be too!

Moreover, the first day at the beginning of the school journey is a big wheel for your child. It is natural for the child and parents to have some concerns and worries. But with confidence and social skills, a child can easily pass through the stages of life smoothly, and it also sets them up for success later in life. It’s never too early to start, and doing so will only help your child excel in life.

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