How to help your child manage their stress?

We often ignore the fact that children are not capable of managing stress as we do. It can be even worse, just as you might not notice a severe stressor for your child. For instance, visiting school and finishing homework or adapting themselves to a new school can be the roots of their stress.
Emotional breakdowns, nightmares, or difficulty in sleeping, can be one of the reasons for your child’s stress. We would recommend following these tips to help them cope with stress:-

1.Sleep:– It is important for the emotional and physical well-being of your child.
Childcare specialists and doctors endorse nine to twelve hours of sleep during
the night for them. Before sleep, we would recommend to avoid digital
devices in the bedroom to limit screen time.
2.Physical Activity:-Being involved in some sort of games or activities is one of the best stress-busters for people of all ages. Fun-filled activities are often appreciated by children. For instance, take your child on a walk to the local park, where they will get a chance to mingle with their peers.
3.Talk about it: – Always let your child talk about stressful situations with you or any other trusted adults as it helps them find new perspectives or solutions.
4.Prioritize fun: – Just like you, our young ones also need sometimes to enjoy their unorganized time to play with building blocks or practice art and craft. Children are always keen to explore things and we would recommend finding a healthy balance between favourite activities and free time.
5.Explore nature:– Talking a walk in nature is always fruitful way to relieve stress. Psychologists recommend living in green spaces to reduce anxiety and stress.
6.Patience:– We know as a parent you always want to see your child happy, yet in reality, it is not possible. We would recommend a focus on helping your child as it helps them to evolve into a good problem solver.
7.Help them to identify their emotions:– Educating children about different emotions will be very helpful for them to understand their feeling. Use specific words to describe their emotions.
8.How to express their emotion:– We would recommend educating children with different examples of how to express their feelings. For instance, what do we do when we are happy or sad? Talk about different ways in which children can express their feelings.
Parents are not able to solve every problem of their child throughout life, yet following healthy coping strategies will prepare your child to manage the stress.

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