How to improve your child’s memory and concentration?

We have often heard our little ones facing certain obstacles in remembering information while doing something else. For instance, you have asked your child to bring a glass of water and story book.
Furthermore, your child brought the glass of water, yet picked up the wrong book. Working memory is often a challenge that can cause trouble in finishing tasks like these. The term working memory refers to how we retain little information and use it to execute our tasks. Here are six quick and effective tips to help children improve memory and concentration:-

1.Fun and learning: – Try to use different storytelling techniques to narrate stories or read them together to make your child’s learning into an interactive session. Even a few twists to make them understand that exams can be as fun-filled as playing video games. If they score higher, they will be promoted to the next level with each exam.
2.Visual skills: – Motivate your child to practice art and craft with different colours as identifying colours is an essential part of your child’s brain development and strengthens their focus.
3.Encourage queries: – It is very important to comprehend a subject to remember different topics. Solving your child queries help them to understand and have a profound knowledge about the topic. This practice often motivates them to develop critical thinking and problem- solving skills.
4.Yoga: – Most preschool and day care centres include playtime and physical exercises in their curriculum. However very few incorporate Yoga in their regular regime. At ipsaa, we practice yoga with our little ones as it helps to flex their mental and physical muscles, which will reflect a change in their concentration.
5.Sleep : – Children are often able to concentrate better after a seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Power naps for thirty minutes after school should help them to be more focused.
6.Let your child teach you: – Motivate them to narrate their story to you or their sibling or friend. This practice boosts their confidence and helps them to develop their social skills.
Incorporating these tips will help your child to be focused and improves their concentration.

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