Work-Life Balance and Your Child’s Early Education

Finally, your children are asleep. Now, you have a moment to yourself; you can watch a movie, spend some time on Netflix, read a book, or catch up with a friend, maybe? 

Sounds fun and idyllic.

Work-life balance has gained traction post-pandemic. As a parent, you are often caught up in balancing work, personal, and family life. Yes, it can be a juggling act, but it is important as it benefits the family and improves your overall well-being. According to a Harvard Business School survey, 94% of working professionals work more than 50 hours weekly. The amount of time spent working triggers stress and can damage your happiness, health, and relationship with your loved ones.

Earlier, work-life balance was not crucial for parents; however, attitude towards work-life balance has changed over the past few years. Many parents work from home to manage their work life and family. But sometimes, working from home doesn’t help you achieve an equilibrium between life and work. Besides, it is also necessary to focus on your child’s early education with equal efforts from both parents.

When all these responsibilities seem overwhelming, there are several ways you can adopt to create effective quality family time.

In this blog, learn about how you can manage your work while giving equal attention to your family, especially your child’s early education.

Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Combining work, family, and your child’s education can be a struggle. However, doing so effectively can aid you with numerous benefits, such as-

  •         Improved mental health and managing stress and anxiety
  •         Boost in   productivity, you can do more with your time
  •         Building stronger relationships by strengthening your connection with your partner, child, and family.
  •         Spending more quality time and focusing on your child’s upbringing
  •         Taking personal time to look after your health

With a positive work-life balance, children benefit the most. Even if you send your children to a daycare school, you can spend quality time with them after work. You can cuddle them more to make your child make them feel connected, safe, and secure.

Tips for Active Work-Life Balance

  •         Changing working habits, reflecting on yourself, and considering any other habits that need change can help you start with it. For example, your phone or email availability after working hours needs to be changed instantly. While spending your time with family, put them on priority at the time and do not respond to any work-related stuff.
  •         Get into flexible working arrangements which work better for you and your families, such as flexible hours, job sharing, different start and finish times, working from home now and then, working from a different location, etc.
  •         Give your children your undivided attention. Listen to them and interact by giving your 100% focus. Also, help them gain interest in education by asking them about their school, what they learned, etc.
  •         Let go of the guilt if you can’t spend time with your family or child due to unexpected circumstances. Everyone has bad and good days, but feeling bad all day long won’t solve any problem. Thus, be present with your family and focus on them during such situations.
  •         Creating and planning a family calendar will go a long way in prioritizing your time together. It can include school and family events like birthdays, special family get-togethers, extra-curricular activities, chores, and date nights with your partner.
  •         Get in touch with the daycare center now and then to feel more connected with your child. You can communicate with them and help them grow.  

Role of Parents in Child’s Early Education

Parent involvement in early childhood education is crucially significant, and a child needs to grow in all aspects- social, emotional, and mental. Today, parents have realized the importance of daycare and their roles in performing tasks such as active participation in their children’s education as it goes beyond daycare. Parents should-

  •         Teach their children about what is right and what is wrong
  •         Enable them to express their emotions, thoughts, and opinions
  •         Encourage them to be independent and self-confident
  •         Be available for them

Pre-schooling is the first time a child gets out of the comfort zone of their parents. Not only is the child afraid of this transition, but parents also get scared of sending their child away from home. This transition is assured by early childhood educators who facilitate smooth learning. However, it does not mean parents are no longer required to look after their children. They remain active participants in their child’s overall life. Thus, parents need to-

  •         Guide their children to engage with other students and make friends
  •         Ensure that their child is participating in extracurricular activities
  •         Have regular engagement with the teachers at daycare

All parents should commit to their family, work, and personal life so that their life seems easy. For parents, the importance of work-life balance begins with a little give-take and flexibility.

At ipsaa daycare, we recognize your child’s needs and you as a parent. Being the best daycare in Gurgaon, we welcome and encourage your participation as a parent to upgrade your child’s skills and learning. If you’re seeking more balance in your work life, contact us as we help you get through it smoothly. 

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